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How to look for a web company

One major move to make when promoting your business is to set up a website. It gives you much influence over the market for the greatly needed returns.
So, whenever you want to hire a web company, this is what you should have in mind in order to land the best deals.


Do you like what they do?
Take a look at the website belonging to the company you’d like to hire as this will give you a rough idea of what you’ll get in the long run. If a company can’t make an appealing website for themselves, do you expect a miracle to happen when it comes to yours?


Moreover, the company should have an impressive portfolio with not less than ten companies which have given satisfactory remarks about them. If you cannot find something appealing within the company, move on to the next company in line.


How do they measure success?
Does the company only focus in developing a very beautiful site at the expense of retaining site users, increasing traffic, and converting sales? It is good to make a website that is beautiful but if it cannot retain any customer, then what is its use? If there is no mention of conversion rates, move on!


Are they thinking ‘mobile’?
Now that more and more people use mobile to access internet services, it goes without saying that this should be what the company focuses on most. Mobile traffic is constantly increasing and there is no point of developing an unresponsive page not adapted for smartphones, tablets and even TV. If any of this is not one of their priority, maybe another company will suit your needs.


How big are they?
Who are you willing to work with? Are you ready to partner with multinational companies with offices all around the globe or with freelancers who could have other priorities and jobs other than web design? Or will you prefer to hire mid-sized firms which can sufficiently undertake all of your concerns and will not have any goals for the long term?


Do they understand what your business?
The whole design of the website will be hinged on what your business is dealing with. Before you sign any contracts, the company should have already frequented the site to know what needs upgrading. Trust the company and clearly communicate what you’re all about and give more information regarding your brand.


We know we’d be the perfect fit for you, your website, and your business. The 215 Guys (web design company) can help you out.