At Karma we have a very clear and defined mission, to make a profound impact on our customers by giving them the highest degree of service while providing the finest quality Indian cuisine, in a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere. We offer authentic and contemporary style Indian cuisine from many regions of India, customized to your desired level of spice.

Our award winning menu and attention to detail create a truly memorable dining experience.

Our recipes are authentic, and our kitchen staff has been prepping the same dishes for a very long time. We’re humbled by the praise we continue to receive from regular customers and foodies alike.

Our menu spans across many regions, and is full of unique delicacies that you can only find here. Take a look around and don’t feel to shy to ask questions – our staff is highly knowledgable!

We’ve been getting a lot of requests for how to make some our famous dishes at home. We can’t give away all of the secrets – but we can give the DL on a few jawns…

Indian Restaurant Philadelphia


Outside of being known as the best Indian restaurant in Philadelphia, our business has been largely supported and has continued to grow by the patronage and appetites of our regular clientele. The customer service you’ll receive at Karma Philadelphia is the best in the city! It’s our pleasure to walk you through options depending on dietary restrictions and we’ll also encourage you to venture out and try new items from our exhaustive menu of delicious Indian food. (We understand if you get addicted to our Butter Chicken or Lamb Biryani though…) We need to have this additional text on our homepage so Google and fine people like yourself know that if you’re looking for an Indian restaurant, we’re a must-try spot here in Philly. OH! And if you’re looking to have Indian catering for your next event, meeting, etc – we provide on-site and off-site options for occasions of any size. (If you don’t know how crowded an Indian wedding can get, we highly recommend getting yourself invited to one!)