Thali Lunch


Simply put, a thali is a round platter used to service food. It consists of a well balanced portion of 6 main tastes.

It’s also the perfect amount of food for your lunch! (It’s not the same as our famous buffet, sorry : ( – but it is just as delicious)

A Festival for Your Mouth

We balance the 6 different flavors of spicy, astringent, sour, bitter, salty and sweet on one plate. The main portion of the dish is made of Roti or rice. Other key ingredients include yogurt, papad, vegetables, and dal. Mix it all together and you have Thali.

A Round of Thali

We serve our Thail the traditional way by placing the ingredients in smaller ramekins then putting them onto a larger platter. The larger round platter used to serve the food is called Thali which also refers to the style of meal. The photos on this page were taken of our Thali by a local fan : )