About Karma Restaurant

Simply the Best Indian Food in Philadelphia!

The idea for Karma Restaurant & Bar was born out of a simple premise of providing superior quality traditional Indian cuisine, in a great ambiance with friendly, efficient service.

indian-food-philadelphiaKarma Restaurant & Bar was established in 2003 in Old City, Philadelphia with the goal of bringing a taste of Indian culture and cuisine to the steadily growing and buzzing Old City scene.

Since then, it has been a staple in Indian cuisine, drawing loyal customers from not only the Old City area, but from Center City, University City, surrounding neighborhoods in and around Philadelphia, as well as tourists from around the world.

Our gratitude and appreciation for the continued support we have experienced from the community is matched only by our avid desire to continue to hold true to that founding mission: providing quality cuisine and exceptional service.

In 2011, Karma came under new management – two young business professionals driven by a passion to continue providing the authentic, exceptional Indian cuisine Karma was known for, accompanied by a vision to reinvent and reintroduce the taste of India that Philadelphia has come to experience.

Equipped with innovative ideas and inspired by great food, we at Karma are excited to be an integral part of the movement of rediscovering ethnic cuisine in Philadelphia.

Our customers are the key to our growing success.   We are grateful for your continued patronage and excited to welcome those of you who have not experienced Indian cuisine at its best.  As we continue to move forward, we are committed more than ever to your growing needs, and we value your feedback to help us create the ultimate dining experience that you deserve.

Karma works to support the local community and is proud to promote and cultivate local talent whenever possible.  For example, Karma has worked exclusively with the artists and designers in and around Philadelphia:

  • The restaurant was designed by Group G, a local architecture & design firm
  • Artwork for the dining rooms was done by Shannon Presti of Doylestown, PA
  • Beth Gordon of Philadelphia painted the mural in the lounge